6 Tips from the Experts to Make Your Vacation Pictures Pop

When you go on vacation and visit a new place, you want to capture the moments and beautiful landscapes. However, sometimes the pictures really don’t look very good and you end up with blurred or indistinct memories. Follow the tips below to make sure that your next vacation is captured in its full and colorful glory.

1. Keep your camera close

Carry your camera or phone with you wherever you go. You never know when the ideal moment will present itself. Take a lot of shots of the same thing to increase your chances for a masterpiece.

2. Use people to enhance your pictures

Capture life and the atmosphere of a scene by including people. Include strangers in your shots or have your partner look out toward something.

3. Use the rule of thirds

Have you ever wondered what that grid is doing on your screen when you’re trying to take a picture? Well, today you find out. The rule of thirds says that you don’t want objects to float in the middle of the frame. Rather focus it so that horizon lines of your object align with the bottom of the grid and your vertical objects should be placed off-center.

4. Get the lighting right

The general rule is to keep the sun at your back to get well-exposed pictures that are clear. This is especially important if you have a normal point-and-shoot camera.

5.Focus on one thing

Your shots should have one clear focal point. Even if there is a lot of people in the picture, the focus should be clear. If there is too much going on in a picture, it looks messy and can detract from the thing you are actually focusing on.

6. Keep it original

Take pictures that are odd, unique, or different than the normal. For example, food photos are always fun, close-up shots of road signs, etc.

Keep these few tips in mind when you are taking vacation pictures and you will be able to relive it all again.

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