Bags For Style And Glamor

A bag is a woman’s best friend. Her bag can also speak volumes about her personality, her style, her mood and her aspirations too. So, keeping all this in mind I wanted to buy a bag for my wife that would match her persona and make a style statement too. Before I made my selection I just wanted to know what should the important features that I  should look for when I go shopping for my wife’s bag. Check out some of these features which helped me decide too-

  • Size- Purse size is important depending on what the person who is using it wants to carry. Also it should match the look of the user. A large bag would destroy the look of a person who has a small build and similarly a small bag carried by a big -framed lady would look really out of place. My wife has a medium frame so I needed to buy a medium-size bag for her.
  • The material of the Bag- Choosing a material again depends on the purpose the bag is going to be used for. Cotton and linen bags are quite popular with the younger generation as they come in a variety of prints, colors, and embellishments. My wife is older and doesn’t like to experiment with new trends. She has always been a fan of leather bags and that’s what I’ll get her this time too. Suede and velvet are the other materials used for making bags.
  • Brand- All said and done, brand make all difference. If you want to make a style statement and look glamorous too there is no substitute for a branded handbag. Choosing the right brand also is important especially if you are partial to any particular designer.

My wife loves designer bags. I visited this absolutely amazing site and this is where I got my wife’s bag. She is so delighted with the bag that she is on cloud nine and can’t stop flaunting it each time she goes out.